The Citybus Collection

  • Bus & Coach Show 2014

    54 photos

    Photos from the Bus & Coach Show held at the Gold Coast Convention Centre during 29th/30th September 2014.

  • ACT - Canberra 2014

    71 photos

    A day trip to Canberra in October 2014. Photos of most of the fleet types, although most of the Darts have been withdrawn, with only one being noted in service. A former Hong Kong Metrobus is in use on Sightseeing.

  • New South Wales - Newcastle 2014

    56 photos

    A day trip to Newcastle in October 2014. Newcastle Buses (STANSW) are the principal operator and they still run O405s, but a few other operators were also seen. A newly restored former STA O305 was seen having its first run out.

  • New South Wales - Sydney Metropolitan Area 2014

    402 photos

    A collection from an October 2014 visit featuring Sydney Metro route operators, such as Forest, Hillsbus, Sydney Buses and Tranedev. There are a few shots of the dreadful Bustech double deckers.

  • Queensland - Brisbane 2014

    186 photos

    A few October 2014 shots showing the fleet of Brisbane Transport, along with a few visitors from outside the city.

  • Queensland - Gold Coast 2014

    49 photos

    A September/October 2014 trip to the Gold Coast where Surfside Buslines and G:link were seen.

  • Western Australia - Perth 2014

    57 photos

    A small number of photos from a quick October 2014 visit to the Perth Metropolitan region. Sunshine and lots of tall building making photos tricky in the city area.