The Citybus Collection

  • Kaunas 2015

    124 photos

    A two day visit to the city of Kaunas at the end of August 2015. A significant number of imported second hand buses from the Netherlands with a few Swedish imports that are now getting on for 30 years old! Trolleybuses feature as well as a Daimler COG5 at a local shopping centre.

  • Kaunas 2017

    22 photos

    A short visit to Kaunas in November 2017. The fleet has been upgraded a little with midlife purchases from Sweden, Norway and The Netherlands.

  • Kaunas 2018

    34 photos

    Back to Kaunas again, in May 2018, for a better look at the latest purchases.

  • Klaipeda 2017

    23 photos

    A quick November 2017 visit to Klaipeda. An interesting collection of buses on local services!

  • Klaipeda 2018

    108 photos

    Back to the delightful seaside town of Klaipeda in May 2018 for another look at the varied local bus scene.

  • Šiauliai 2018

    35 photos

    A December visit to Šiauliai, where some quite old buses still operate local services!

  • Vilnius 2015

    165 photos

    A four day visit to the city of Vilnius in September 2015. Most of the Vilniaus viešasis transportas (VVT) fleet is made up of imports from Germany and the Netherlands with smaller numbers from Sweden, France, Luxembourg, Spain and Switzerland. They have also bought new. There are also a few smaller firms, also with imports from Western/Northern Europe. And don't forget the trolleybuses.

  • Vilnius 2015/16

    100 photos

    Another visit to Vilnius over the New Year 2015/16 period. It was quite nippy! More of the Western European second hand imports.

  • Vilnius 2016

    71 photos

    Another visit, this time in October 2016. A few more secondhand arrivals from Germany. A fantastic place to visit!

  • Vilnius 2018/19

    126 photos

    A New Year visit to Vilnius. There has been significant investment in new buses, so not so much of the old Scandinavian fleet left in service.