The Citybus Collection

  • Bergen 2017

    115 photos

    A visit to Bergen in May 2017. Lots of Mercedes, Volvo, MAN and Irisbus but also a couple of Van Hool Exquicity and some of the shy Neoplan trolleybuses.

  • Oslo 2013

    94 photos

    A brief July 2013 visit to Oslo. As ever, changes to operators on the network.

  • Oslo 2017

    59 photos

    A June 2017 visit and another big change to operators and vehicle types, with a big influx of Solaris products.

  • Tromsø 2017

    66 photos

    A late spring visit to Tromsø, but with snow on the 1st June you wouldn't think so!

  • Trondheim 2017

    72 photos

    A June 2017 visit to Trondheim and a look at the local bus scene.

  • Voss Historic Bus 2017

    26 photos

    A few photos from the Norway Historic Bus weekend that took place over the last weekend in May.