The Citybus Collection

  • Pärnu 2009

    51 photos

    March 2009 and my first visit to Pärnu to see the varied collection of Northern European buses running around this lovely city.

  • Pärnu 2013

    42 photos

    An October visit to Pärnu. Although a few newer Conecto have been transferred from Tartu, there is still an assortment of buses collected from around Northern Europe!

  • Pärnu 2017

    34 photos

    A December day trip to Pärnu. Sadly, the varied collection of secondhand buses operated by Go Bus from across Northern Europe has been swept away and replaced by a very smart fleet operated by Sebe.

  • Pärnu 2019

    12 photos

    A brief stopover in Pärnu on a very wet and miserable afternoon in December. Due to the weather not much captured, so will need to visit in nicer weather during 2020!

  • Tallinn 2009

    206 photos

    My first visit to Tallinn in March 2009. A fantastic selection of old and new, with many buses from Sweden and Denmark as well as Duple Metsec bodied Scania with trailers!

  • Tallinn 2013

    146 photos

    An October visit to Tallinn. The first vehicles in the new tlt livery have appeared following the merger of the bus and tram/trolleybus operations. There are new buses as well as Scania / Metsec (with trailers) and various Scandinavian second hand buses.

  • Tallinn 2017

    238 photos

    Another visit to Tallinn, this time over Christmas / New Year 2017/18. Since my visit four years ago, the rebrand from TAK to tlt has progressed well with the tlt fleet being well presented. There is a mix of new buses (Volvo hybrids and MAN Lion's City) and good quality second hand additions (mostly Omnilinks) which means the once large fleet of Scania / Metsec/Hess buses is down to 2 examples, with trailers no longer in use. There are also new trams.

  • Tallinn 2019

    126 photos

    A visit to Tallinn over New Year 2019/20. Not the best of weather. A few more changes at tlt, but mostly turnover of secondhand vehicles. The last B10MA was captured in service but it was withdrawn days later!

  • Tartu 2009

    75 photos

    My first visit to the city of Tartu during a very snowy March 2009. In common with many other cities in the region, the bus fleets are made up of vehicles from elsewhere in Northern Europe.

  • Tartu 2013

    71 photos

    A short October visit to Tartu to catch up with the new bus scene since Sebe took over with local bus network with a smart fleet of new and secondhand buses.

  • Tartu 2017

    59 photos

    A December day trip. A few secondhand buses have arrived since my 2013 visit, but the biggest difference is in the regional bus fleet operated by Go Bus. A marked improvement since my last visit, if not as interesting!