The Citybus Collection

  • Gdańsk 2019

    44 photos

    Visits in March and June 2019 to Gdańsk. Still O405Ns running around which is always nice to see!

  • Gdańsk 2020

    70 photos

    October 2020 and another visit to Gdańsk. A lot of new Citaro (C2) since my last visit and a big swap around of routes operated by contractors.

  • Gdynia 2019

    130 photos

    Visits to the lovely coastal city of Gdynia in March and June 2019. Interesting buses, with old O405Ns and Neoplans still in use at this time. Also the completely bonkers conversions of O405Ns, Citaros and Urbinos to trolleybuses!!

  • Gdynia, Sopot and Wejherowo 2020

    72 photos

    September/October 2020 and a visit to Gdynia, Sopot and Wejherowo. Nearly 60 new MANs in Gdynia has wiped out the older interesting buses since my last visit, but my first look at the very presentable fleet in Wejherowo.

  • Koszalin 2020

    39 photos

    A September day trip to Koszalin. A good mix of a fleet with a pair of old DABs still in operation!

  • Kraków 2019

    36 photos

    A very brief November/December 2019 visit to Kraków

  • Kraków 2020

    50 photos

    September 2020 and a slightly longer visit to Kraków. A big swap around of routes operated by contractors didn't help with finding buses I missed last time!

  • Lublin 2019

    16 photos

    A short weekend visit in July 2019. And the chance to travel on an old trolleybus!

  • Lublin 2020

    54 photos

    Another short weekend only visit to Lublin in September 2020, so only a limited part of the fleet in service. One of the new Solaris Trollino IV 18 was on display, un-registered.

  • Silesian Voivodeship 2018

    32 photos

    A brief weekend visit to Katowice and Sosnowiec on a wet November weekend.

  • Silesian Voivodeship 2019

    126 photos

    A July visit to Jaworzno, Katowice and Sosnowiec to get more of a look at the local bus scene.

  • Słupsk 2020

    75 photos

    A September 2020 visit to Słupsk and the seaside town of Ustka. A very tidy city fleet with a mix of private operators of various standards running "country" services with a variety of imports. Also a few photos of buses at Scania ready for delivery.

  • Tarnów 2020

    44 photos

    A September day trip to Tarnów and a mostly Scania fleet. Also captured were a few ex [GB] Mercedes Benz Vario minibuses still running at over 20 years old!