The Citybus Collection

  • Dalarna 2011/2012

    139 photos

    Visits to southern Dalarna in September 2011 and March 2012, covering the towns of Borlänge, Falun and Avesta where just about everything is operated by Nobina. This is one of the few areas that still operate Scania Omnicity.
    Falun is a fascinating place, having been the centre of the world Copper industry for many years so there are many slag heaps around but the contents are being put to very good use.

  • Gävleborg 2011/2012

    137 photos

    Visits in September 2011 and March 2012 visit to Gävle, Sandviken and various other locations around Gävleborg.

  • Halland 2011/2012

    116 photos

    Visits to the Halland region in September 2011 and May 2012, covering the towns of Halmstad, Falkenberg and Varberg. Principal operators are Arriva and Nobina, with Karlssonbuss operating as an Arriva subcontracter.

  • Jönköping 2011

    78 photos

    A visit to Jönköping on 16th June, 3 days before Arriva ended their operation there. And boy can you tell. Arriva have surrendered this contract 5 years early, claiming losses. No doubt the substantial financial penalties imposed by JLT over the last two years for poor operation have something to do with it.
    The quality of the operation was indeed shocking (as you will see from the photos) even by Arriva standards. Destination displays seem to be an optional extra. Nice to see Arriva being professional to the end of a contract isn't it? I'm sure that the people of Jönköping (and JLT) are now very happy Keolis are their local operator.

  • Jönköping 2011/2012

    105 photos

    Return visits to Jönköping in September 2011 and May 2012 to see the changes since Keolis replaced Arriva.
    What a difference. Admittedly they couldn't be any worse but it was like visiting a different place. As well as on the road Keolis have also invested in new depot facilities and staff training and the results are there to see.

  • Kalmar 2012

    48 photos

    A May 2012 visit to Kalmar, where Nobina operate the local services with various operators appearing on interurban runs.

  • Kronobergs 2012

    71 photos

    My first visit to Växjö in May 2012. Veolia is the principal operator with input from several smaller firms.

  • Skåne 2011

    246 photos

    Trips in mid-June and September 2011 to the Skåne region of Sweden. All 10 Stadsbuss (green bus) networks were visited - Eslöv, Helsingborg, Hässleholm, Kristianstad, Landskrona, Lund, Malmö, Trelleborg, Ystad and Ängelholm. A few Regionsbuss (yellow buses) were also seen around and about.
    Trolleybus operation was suspended during my first visit due to roadworks and not for the first time. Just proving that trolleybuses are not the way forward, especially for new systems. The CNG buses replacing them were just as green.

  • Skåne 2012

    108 photos

    Another quick visit to Skåne, this time in May 2012.

  • Stockholm County 2011

    268 photos

    A visit to the SL area in September 2011. There were 3 significant contract changes in the summer and quite a few new buses took to the roads, transforming the scene in some areas. Even Arriva have some new buses!!

  • Stockholm County 2012

    329 photos

    A few shots from around the county during March. Final days for some MaxCi and the first days for some Lion's City. Photos starting with X are at a bus dealer in Järfälla. Photos starting with Y are at Volvo Huddinge.

  • Stockholm County 2012 (part 2)

    305 photos

    Another 2012 visit to Stockholm, this time in October. Since my last visit, Arriva have taken over two contracts. Photos starting with X are at Busmarket Sweden. Photos starting with Y are at Volvo Huddinge. Photos starting with Z show the changes around Älvsjö Station.

  • Stockholm County 2013

    135 photos

    Working in Stockholm gives me the opportunity to add a few more pictures. Another major contract change took place in January and pictures will be added as I get time to go out and take them!

  • Stockholm County 2016

    115 photos

    A round up from a May 2016 visit to Stockholm.

  • Stockholm County 2020

    87 photos

    Visits in March and November 2020. The usual adding of new and transferred buses but including the Easysmile buses in Barkarby.

  • Sveriges Järnvägsmuseum 2011

    70 photos

    2011 was the 100th anniversary of bus operation in Sweden. To celebrate this, the Swedish Railway Museum had an event which was supported by Nobina, the direct successor to the original operator.
    This collection features shots from the trip to/from Gävle of various historic vehicles as well as from the Museum itself.
    It was a very enjoyable day.

  • Sörmland 2012

    143 photos

    A few photos from a March trip around Sörmland, featuring Eskilstuna, Flen, Gnesta, Katrineholm, Nyköping and Strängnäs.

  • Uppland 2011/2012

    195 photos

    Visits to the lovely city of Uppsala in September 2011 and March 2012 to catch up with the great Neoplan buses now in their 13th year. Also there was a quick pop into Enköping.

  • Västernorrland 2012

    83 photos

    Another March 2012 visit, this time to Sundsvall and surrounding area.

  • Västmanland 2012

    105 photos

    A March visit to Västmanland, of which the principal city is Västerås but also a trip around the county and a look at the Brukslinjen.

  • Västmanland 2016

    45 photos

    A March visit to Västmanland, of which the principal city is Västerås.

  • Västmanland 2020

    52 photos

    A November visit to Västmanland, of which the principal city is Västerås but also a quick look at Sala.

  • Västra Götaland 2011

    181 photos

    A visit to parts of the huge Västra Götaland region in September 2011. All the major players in Sweden operate here (except Arriva) as well as a few smaller companies.
    Gothenberg is the major city in the region but many other towns feature. There is a varied collection of vehicles including 24m double articulated Volvo B9s and Scania/Van Hool double deck coaches.

  • Örebro 2012

    121 photos

    A look around Örebro Län, including Karlskoga and Örebro in March.

  • Östersund 2012

    60 photos

    Another March visit, this time to Östersund and Stadsbussarna running local services with a fleet of Scania Omnilink. Also featured are buses of various operators running the provincial services.

  • Östgötland 2012

    131 photos

    A March trip around Östgötland to such places as Finspång, Linköping, Motala and Norrköping.