The Citybus Collection

  • Hong Kong 2011

    521 photos

    Quite a few piccies from a November 2011 visit to Hong Kong. Lots of variety from the many operators in HK and probably the last "Hot Dog" photos I will take.
    There are also Coaches, Sightseeing buses, LRVs and trams featured.

  • Hong Kong 2012

    142 photos

    A small number of piccies from a working August 2012 visit to Hong Kong.

  • Hong Kong 2013

    313 photos

    Another working trip to Hong Kong, this time in March 2013.

  • Hong Kong Bus Rally 2013

    62 photos

    The 2013 Hong Kong Bus Rally, was held at KMB Tai Po Temporary Bus Depot on Sunday 10th March.

  • Hong Kong 2014

    239 photos

    A small collection from brief holiday/work visits in February and October 2014.

  • Hong Kong 2019

    224 photos

    A well overdue visit and not enough time in May 2019.