The Citybus Collection

  • Akranes and Borgarnes 2017

    8 photos

    A handful of shots from Akranes, where there is a single bus town service and Borgarnes where connecting services feed the Reykjavik-Akueryri route.

  • Akueryri 2017

    40 photos

    My first visit to Akueryri in October 2017 to record the small local operation there along with regional buses and coaches.

  • Keflavik and Reykjanesbær 2017

    38 photos

    An October visit to see the small local operation in Reykjanesbær and some time at the busy Keflavik Airport.

  • Reykjavik Capital Area 2012

    156 photos

    After a 5 year gap, I was back in Reykjavik in June 2012. There have been a few changes since my last visit, with new contracts and routes swapping between operators along with some buses.

  • Reykjavik Capital Area 2013

    167 photos

    Another trip to Reykjavik, this time in September 2013. Some new Irisbus, changes to "country" services and a couple of second hand Citaro G from Hamburg.

  • Reykjavik Capital Area 2017

    165 photos

    Back to Reykjavik in October 2017 with a few changes to contracted bus services in the Capital Area and an expansion in the tourist coach fleet.